Globalization is putting pressure on core HR systems to standardize. The cloud allows for global reach and scale, but you must ask the right questions to determine the cloud solution for you. Ensure globalized support, end-to-end talent management, correlated data, adaptability, ease of use, and global collaboration.

With core HR in the cloud, companies can:

  • Facilitate organic growth.
    With cloud solutions, you can expand easily and enter new markets. You can support your employees anywhere you have an online connection and a Web browser.

  • Execute mergers and acquisitions smoothly.
    Cloud solutions make it far easier to get employees anywhere into a single system of record. Your data is aggregated and ready to integrate.

  • Manage decentralized companies.
    Companies with a global presence might have only two or three employees in any given country. Cloud solutions can support small pockets of people wherever they may be — in cities, rural areas, or on the move.